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Built from the ground up to support progressive teaching and learning methods, our platform is bold and unapologetic when it comes to collecting, organizing and visualizing data from across the school. Beyond that, we can customize the system to support your philosophy, mission, vocabulary, curriculum, and standards. You have a unique approach, we have a unique solution. Schedule a call with an implementation manager to see if we speak your language.

Why Us?

Why Jupiter?

Jupiter is commited to the excellence and success of teachers so that thier impact can make a diffrence in the classrooms they teach. We mange to do this by embarking on progress 21st-century methods of design, implementation, and functionality.


Customer Support

Jupiter has one of the worlds best customer service team with a satisfaction rate of 99.9%. We resolved 98% of all phoned issues within 5 minutes. And 95% of all emailed issues within 30 minutes. Thats what you call world class.


Easy To Use Interface

Having a service that works is one thing, having it look pleasing to the eye and that works, is out of this world. Jupiter thrives at not just having a working service but also a service that is robust.


Quality Assurance

We are sure that you'll love Jupiter, if you don't we'll take it back.



Every nook and cranny of Jupiter has been documentated. Need to get something done? No problem we'll walk you through each step.

Jupiter makes you look at things from a different perspective.

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No additional costs. Pay for what you need.

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Start using Jupiter today. 100% guaranteed money back. No questions asked.1

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Hundreds of components

We understand that everyone is diffrent, so only pay for what you need.


Additional Services

Intergrate Jupiter to other platforms to get the most of your Jupiter experience.


Cancel anytime

If its not for you, just cancel, no hidden costs or fees.


Money back

100% guaranteed money back. No questions asked.1

What people are saying

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Having Jupiter SIS LMS is one thing. Having several services connect with Jupiter to maximize what can be done, is another. Jupiter's multiple services allow our district to run day in, to day out. We can't imagine a world without Jupiter. Their customer service is great, the service is easy to use and you have a large selection of add-ons, what more can you ask for?

Maria Muszynska
Academic Dean - Edmonton, Alberta

By far the best team I've ever worked with. Jupiter had everything that we were looking for and much more. Setting Jupiter up was so easy and when we had questions we always had a response. Would totally recommend Jupiter SIS LMS to any school looking to increase student potential and increase communication between faculty, students, and parents.

James Austin
Principal - Newark, New Jersey
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As an administrator, I am thrilled with the ease of use, the incredible customer service... It goes a long way to see that we have a dedicated world class team at our disposal day and night. This helps us focus on what really matters, helping our constituents grow. Jupiter helps our staff get things done at a fraction of the time, that it took with our previous system. Jupiter has helped us focus more on the classroom.

Eve Crawford
Academic Services Coordinator - Littleton, Colorado